Who we are

Get to Know GirlsTEK Global
GirlsTEK Global is a non-profit empowerment organization that exists with aim to equip, empower, train and develop young girls with technological skills, positive thinking and innovative mind-sets to provide solutions to Africa’s and the world’s problems through technology; thereby promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and impacting young people and bringing sustainable growth.
We support women and girls in tech with education, inspiration and a community. Our organization was established in 2017 at Molyko, Buea in the South West Region of Cameroon.

Our Mission

We exist to inspire, equip, empower, train and develop young girls to become professional technological innovators.

Our Vision

Creating a diverse sustainable culture where girls and women are able to create, innovate and use technology to transform their communities thereby bringing sustainable growth in Africa.

Our projects are tailored at bridging the gender gap in tech

Our Objectives

Provide a safe environment for girls to learn and create.

To bridge the gender divide in in the tech sector.

Facilitate easy access to digital technologies and the internet for girls.

Ensure all young, generations possess the tools, skills and attitude to harness (and to properly navigate) technology.

To promote creativity, innovation, and productivity through technology.

Our Programs

Web Development Bootcamp

It is a 2 – 3 months training on internet concepts and web designs and development (with HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap and React JS) plus Introduction to visual design. This training is targeted to empower, train and equip girls with technological skills. It serves as a network in which girls can link up and study. The specific objective of this training is to break stereotypes and promote diversity in the digital industry thereby closing the gender gap. The training encourages teamwork. It provides a safe space for girls to be able to boost their self-confidence and improve their creativity skills. At the end of the program, they are able to create websites from scratch and they can be able to take jobs as web designers/developers.


After School Code Club (ASCC)

Volunteer-led code club that empowers young people with coding skills. The ASCC is
targeted at closing the digital divide in technology and encouraging the active inclusion
of young people in STEM by facilitating equal access to digital technologies and the
internet. It is for all secondary students nationwide (Cameroon) who want to have a
strong foundation in basic programming and graphic design skills.

Graphic Design Bootcamp

In this hands-on graphic design bootcamp, participants will learn how to be better
designers and make awesome graphics. Participants’ knowledge of design concepts
and processes while producing portfolio projects. This program is for anyone who is
interested in becoming a graphic designer, and especially geared towards total

Capacity Development Bootcamp

This program is designed strategically, to prepare participants to obtain, improve and
retain the skills and other resources needed to do their jobs effectively. This training
will feature sessions on leadership, strategic thinking, self-care; effective
communication and how to improve on your online presence.